Thursday, January 6, 2011

Outstanding Giveaway - FCLO and Coconut Ghee

Kelly is having an awesome giveaway from Green Pastures (sigh). I ONLY use Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil.  I've been taking therapeutic doses to reverse some female health issues for the last year and a half.  It has made a huge difference.  I recently backed off, it got worse, so I'm back to the higher dose for now.  I'll try lowering it again in a few months.  It sure beats the procedures my doctor wanted to do!  This is my one big health splurge to rehab/rebuild/recover/re-whatever-else from Lyme Disease.

I'm a big baby so I get the capsules :).  One dd also takes the caps and the other 2 dds use the plain gel (ick!!) drizzled with honey.  I take the caps in the middle of my meal (did I already say I'm a big baby??).

Funny, when I lowered my dose back to the recommended dose I started scarfing down butter (no, 'scarfing down' is not too strong to describe my beast-like consumption of butter during that brief window!).  Because of that I got some plain X-Factor High Vitamin butter oil thinking that I would keep the lower dose of FCLO and supplement it with the butter oil.  Since then I just upped the FCLO w/ butter oil and quit craving butter again.

Head over here to enter (tinyurl below):

If you would like to follow her Weight Loss Wellness Adventure click here:

Fermented Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil and homemade bone broth are probably the 2 consistent things I do for the dc that will have the biggest health impacts for them now and later.


  1. I didn't realize they had the butter oil/CLO blend in capsules. That is a major lifesaver!

  2. Please tell me how you get your kids to take it. My daughter is 7 and has a great deal of trouble swallowing, so I get the gel and spread it on toast and let her have it with butter and honey or jam, but it's still a major power struggle issue. I find hidden bits of toast underneath pieces of furniture, stale and gross.

  3. Hi Kimberley,

    Yes, I like the combo - double benefits!

    Have you tried any of the flavored gels? To me it sounds gaggy (I'm sure that's gotta be a real word!) but it works for some families. I can ask my friend what flavors her boys like.

    My dc would rather just get it over with, lol. They scoop a 1/2 teaspoon out of the jar and drizzle local honey on it - over the top and around the FCLO. Then they swallow and gulp down some water or milk. My youngest (just turned 9) is the best at it - I tell her she's my hero - but she started at a younger age. She also likes sauerkraut and will drink straight kefir!

    Maybe you could try a tactic that we use with oil of oregano (which is yucky) when they are sick. Middle dd will eat a potato chip or something salty then quickly take it, and then eat another chip/salty food. Older dd likes something cold before/after (she would love it to be ice cream every time!). Youngest dd has a few licks off of an organic lollipop.

    Hope some of these ideas help! Let me know how it goes...
    Thanks for the comment!