Saturday, January 1, 2011

Homemade Colored Sugar? Who would've thought...

If you are avoiding artificial food coloring and food dyes like we are I hope you will be as excited about this as I am, or at least not roll your eyes because you've known about this for years :).  I bit the bullet last fall and got these natural food colorings.  I split the 2-pack with a friend found here (the food coloring, not the friend!).  That leads to this:

It's New Year's Day and we (finally) got around to making our Christmas press-out cookies.  I used this recipe from allrecipes that had good reviews (I swapped out the white sugar for rapadura).  The best review, however, came from dh who really liked them.

I knew the dc would enjoy decorating them but we didn't have any colored sugar, or sprinkles, or anything.  I had tossed the old ones (and wouldn't have used them anyway) and couldn't invest that much into it when I ordered the natural food colorings to also get the decorating sugar.  [They are available here - check each one's ingredients before you order to be sure] I remembered how you can color your sand with tempera paint and thought, "Why not?"

I put a scoop of white sugar in a container and added only about 6-8 drops of the red.  Bingo!  It worked great.  I put another scoop of sugar in another container and only added about 4 drops of blue.  It took more yellow to make green because it's a lighter color, so I just added one drop of yellow at a time and mixed it in until it was green.  I don't normally use white sugar but did for this because the rapadura for dd's birthday cake frosting subdued the color a bit.  I thought the colors would show better with white sugar.  It worked!

I was so excited that I called my friend K. who went in with me on the natural food coloring order at Amazon.  She was so sweet and enthusiastically humored me, lol.

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