Friday, January 7, 2011

January Calendar (religious)

I finally finished my Feast day calendar for January.  I used this calendar for the format and added ideas from Catholic Cuisine (CC) and Catholic Traditions (CT).  Here is another online calendar if you need another reference.  You can click on any name in any of the calendars for short biographies of these great role models.  My other reference for just plain cooking (not religious) is Nourishing traditions.

This link is for my calendar. I don't know why the grid lines didn't print nor go to the pdf because it shows on my original file (shrug). Hopefully this will bless someone... Forgive any typos - I can't even tell you how many times I've tried to work on this and kept getting pulled away or interrupted (all good things - just couldn't get to this).  It's either click "publish post" right now or forever hold my peace.

Lately Google Docs has been finicky but I tried the link while I was signed out and it worked.

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