Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spelling/Vocabulary SAT/ACT Prep

What's Schoolin'?

I'm excited about this *free* online Spelling course.  I plan on using the 8th grade for Spelling/Vocabulary Test Prep.  It has good words, fun games, and repetition.  Seriously, one of the words in Week 1 of the Option #2 course is "ecclesiastical."  How great is that?  We're doing Option #2 first and then Option #1.  So, we're ignoring the "8th Grade" part and using it even though youngest dd is now older than that (gasp!!).

Here is the main link:

What's Cookin'?

Not much, that's for sure!! What a difference from years ago when I had so much to post! 

We just got 25 broiler chicks.  They are doing well after a week with us.  They are clean, healthy, active, and just so cute...  I ended up getting a non-organic starter feed over the organic because the organic (Purina) is based on soy.  No thanks.  Instead, we got the non-gmo, soy-free feed.