Thursday, January 20, 2011


[Before I get into the recipes, here's a Note to Self:  Make seasonings and have ready.  I need more Ranch dressing seasoning, Italian seasoning mix, and chili powder.]  [And baking powder if I decide to try it]

I've missed a few weeks but here are my Gottatries from this week's RFW:

Meatza (pizza with no crust):

Toaster Pastries (think: homemade poptarts).  Basically use pie crust (yogurt dough from NT)(Maybe try the kefir flat bread - probably not) with a filling such as homemade jam, pumpkin puree, home-canned or gently sauteed *apples* or other fruit.  Bake for 10 min @ 375F (so I should cook at 350 and flip at 5 min in our little toaster oven):
[Update:  I made these this afternoon for tomorrow's breakfast and they are already 1/2 gone!  I gave in and let each dc have one plus, of course, I had to taste one :).  I just used the yogurt dough and homemade canned applesauce for the filling that has no added sweetener.]

Lettuce Tacos:

Squash/Beef Soup (1 leek, garlic, broccoli florets, 1 butternut squash, 1/2 bunch kale, ground beef, stock):
[Update: Tonight I tried this one for dinner. I didn't have leek so I used an onion, forgot the broccoli, and used my (new!) stick blender to puree it before adding the cooked ground beef. Very satisfying and filling. Oh, and I used some kale chips that I had made instead of fresh kale in the soup.][I can't wait to have the leftovers for lunch!]

Carrot souffle (requires oven):

Chickpea Chicken Soup (cooked ckn, cooked chickpeas, onion, pepper spinach, garlic, carrots, celery).  I'm off to soak some garbanzo beans!  Since I probably won't have the bacon for this recipe I'll toss in a smoked ham hock for flavor and maybe let this go all day in the crockpot.

Chinese Fried Rice (ckn, shrimp, soy sauce - would need fermented soy sauce):

I don't know that I'm ready to try sprouting yet, but this has some good photos and direction links.  Soaking legumes in lemon juice neutralizes the aflatoxin and I'm able to eat them.  Sprouting may release the nutrients but I may still have trouble with the mold/toxins.  I need to do more research.

Baking Powder.  We use a lot of baking powder and I've been very pleased with Rumford Baking Powder.  Why?  Because it is gluten-free; GMO-free; aluminum-free; and made in the USA.  On the other hand, the starch is from corn.  Even though it is non-GMO I am sensitive to the alflatoxin/molds that nixtamalizing neutralizes.  I doubt they nixtamalize their corn to make the starch, right?  It's hard to even find tortillas that have nixtamalized corn meal.  Anyway, this may be worth a shot but the choices for starch are:  arrowroot (which I have on hand although I've recently read somewhere that it's pretty high in carbs and I honestly don't like the consistency when I use it to thicken sauces and use flour instead); potato starch; and tapioca starch.
BTW, I use Rumford Baking Soda as well just to support the company (plus it's less than $1).

Use this Cobb Salad wrap as inspiration for my lunch lettuce wraps:

Tomato/Cheese Melt.  I'll probably have to wait until next summer when I can get organic tomatoes from the Farmer's Market.  I never buy them from the grocery store unless I'm in a bind because the arm and leg that organic tomatoes cost  - well, I need them for other things like walking and cooking and making school materials!

Veggie Crostats (will need oven):

Green Beans Almondine.  Use bone broth and real butter.

Cheese Biscuits. I wonder if almond meal would work for these.  Probably not:

Chili over Spaghetti Squash.  Mmm.  After eating Dh's venison chili over rice I think I would really like this.  I still have some kidney beans in the fridge and I *think* I have some prepped sketty squash in the freezer (and some pre-cooked hamburger meat):

Another Flatbread to try:

Apple Crunchy Crisp (grain-free):

Breakfast Pizza (needs oven):

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