Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decimal Fraction Board (Montessori)

Here are some decimal number cards to use with the decimal fraction board.  Print on cardstock.  You can then either laminate them or back with self-stick fun foam.  Mine are neither - just plain cardstock for this work :).

If you need to make the board yourself here is a wonderful file by Lisia.  Scroll down for the downloads.  Print, tape together, and laminate.

I used the presentations in the Montessori R and D Decimal album with the olders and will do the same with younger dd.  We actually did it over the summer one year when life wasn't so crazy.  Here is the link to their manual:

This photo and the next one show the material I made for this work a couple of years ago (or see below):

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  1. Update: I changed the title of the manual that I used - it was actually the decimal manual and I added a link to that manual at Mont.R and D.
    Feedback welcome!