Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prairie Primer 'Lapbook' Sale

A Journey through Learning has a 20% discount right now on the Prairie Primer Binder-Builder (could also be used as a lapbook) that they are currently launching.  Use the code PP20 and the sale goes through Monday, January 24th.  This goes along with the Prairie Primer book that covers the first 3 Little House Books.  Hmmm.... We're currently doing the LHOP (Little House on the Prairie) series with youngest - I need to check this out!!

Here is the link.  Click on Prairie Primer Binder-Builder on the left-hand sidebar menu:

Here is the Prarie Primer and a few other LHOP resources.
Praire Primer (M. Gray); The Little House Cookbook; My Little House Crafts Book;
A Guide for Using Little House on the Praire in the Classroom.

What's Cookin'?

Youngest has been wanting French Toast for several days so I finally made some today... for dinner!  I should do this more often - it only took one hour start to finish  (including eating/talking time) instead of 2 hours to make dinner plus eating/talking/talking/talking time.

Oldest dd is making cinnamon applesauce for a 4-H food show that's coming up soon and middle dd is making strawberry cream cheese from yogurt.  They'll be practicing this week so we'll have some yummy snacks.

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