Sunday, February 24, 2019

High School Botany/Horticulture

Youngest is interested in taking Botany for a Science elective.  She already has Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, Physics, Animal Science, and will have Advanced Animal Science (and is not interested in the Apologia Marine Biology).  I told her she didn't have to do another science but Botany is something that interests her.  I didn't realize it would be difficult to find a curriculum for Botany.  All of our sciences have had labs so it seems strange to do a textbook-based course.
One thing we're considering is doing .5 credit Botany and .5 credit Horticulture.

This is simply a compilation of resources I've come across in my search as we decide.

Coloring Book:

Botany Adventure (6th-12th):

Playing cards:


Botany in 8 Lessons (gr 5-9, so a bit low)

student text:

Video Playlist for Botany in 8 Lessons:

Preview of Great Courses: Botany For Beginners | Plant Science & Biology - ck library -

Floral Adventure (9th-12th)

Field Guide (edibles):

Botany Lab Sheets (5th-12th)

Botany Reading List (thanks, M. Whitmann)

Square Foot Gardening:

Plantology (Gr 2-Adult)

Trees of Texas Field Guide: