Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Montessori 3-Part Cards

What's Schoolin'?

Liesl has shared these wonderful cards that she has made.  I have her biome map laminated and on foam board for a pin map and for a control for other works.  We had it out the other day as a control for a biome globe.  I took pictures and hope to put them up soon.

Gottatries ~ Safe Lipstick

What's Green?

Removing grease stains... naturally:

Homemade non-toxic general cleaner:

Peppermint Cleaning Paste:

Cold and Flu Master Tonic.  Would be great to keep handy!  Much safer and healthier than many over the counter drugs.  Garlic and Oil of Oregano are our go-to helps when we're fighting something but this has a much better kick.

Healing balms.  We really could have used the Ouchie Balm this week!! [bases of coconut oil and beeswax with different essential oils][note: oil of oregano and frankincense for warts]

What's Cookin'?

This is too cool!  50 States, 50 Sandwiches. taboola&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=desktopbuzz

Mozzarella Cheese Tutorial - perfect timing!  I got extra milk to try one of my printed moz recipes.  This is a good tutorial:

I already have this printed and waiting... Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

I love this idea:  Make stuffed peppers in orange bell peppers for Fall (they look like pumpkins).  We celebrate All Hallows Eve (Eve before All Saints), All Saints Day, and All Souls Day (Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos) instead of Halloween but I LOVE Fall and pumpkins!  PS: I usually use precooked ground meat for stuffed pepper and it works great.

Apple Rose Pastries.  Organic apples have been going on sale for $.99/lb.  The perfect time to try this recipe!  I will probably use the yogurt dough from Nourishing Traditions (only with buttermilk instead of yogurt since I usually have that on hand more than yogurt).

Pumpkin Chip Bread or Muffins:

Apple Pancake Rings:

This post reminded me to make chimichangas :):

Low-Carb Peanut Butter Granola [nuts, pnt bttr, coconut, honey]

"KIND" inspired bar [nuts, honey, coconut, ground flax, chocolate to drizzle]

Chocolate almond butter (sort of like nutella?):

Banana crepes:

Welsh cookies (cooked on the stovetop)(these look easy and delicious):

Healthy gummies (gelatin, tart cherry juice, elderberry syrup, honey):

Butternut squash recipes:


Weird topic, I know, but I have spent a lot of time looking for safe lipstick.  It's my one vanity.  These are the places where I checked to verify that they do NOT use nano-sized mineral particles in their lipsticks.  Some use minerals and some don't.
[This is also for Zuzu which is at our local Health Food Store]

These are mostly organic but the website does not say anything about non-nano mineral particles.  These are at our local HFS but I'm hesitant to try them without confirming with the company.