Sunday, January 21, 2018

Natural Homemade lotion and body butter

What's Green?

[Note:  I wrote this in July of 2014! So, ignore any dead links but I'm going to upload it just to get it out there.  I refer to this recipe for my face cream all of the time so I still recommend the first recipe.  I'm off to make a double batch right now since one of my daughters has been asking for some. :) The only difference is that I usually use almond oil for the oil part.]

I wanted to add lotion to my choices at the local farmers market this upcoming Saturday.  As I was looking for a recipe to try I kept coming across body butter recipes. So... I'm posting some of those finds also

Hand/Body Lotion

What I want:  a lotion that can be used in a squeeze bottle or a pump with all natural 'edible' ingredients :).  I want to use only essential oils - no fragrances, no dyes.  I plan on making a small batch to see how it goes.  [UPDATE: I ditched the idea of a lotion in a pump or squeeze bottle and settled on lotion in small jars.  Much easier and the viscosity it just right!]

Some options that I found online for all natural homemade lotions:

*I'll try this one and double the oil to 4 Tbsp for a pump/squeeze bottle:
[UPDATE:  I was very pleased with this recipe and really didn't experiment further with other recipes.  I made lavender, wintergreen, and peppermint lotions.  I used 10 drops of essential oil per batch and it seems like a good strength.  I used the shea butter/grapeseed oil ratio the same as the recipe indicated.]

Here are some more that I have not tried yet but that looked promising:

Maybe tweak this to make it less thick (leave out beeswax, more shea?):

Body Butter

We're not in need of a body butter at our house.  I'm very happy using either coconut oil, Primal Body Whip, or straight shea butter for face cream or any other skin needs.  However, I wanted to experiment and come up with something for my children and customers. 

Here are some recipes that look good:

Whipped shea butter:

Antibacterial crème:
I may substitute out with Melrose: