Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Algebra Tiles ~ Lumpias ~ Cloth Pouches

What's Cookin'?
Lumpias (sort of):  I was in the mood for lumpias.  I combined this recipe with what I had.  I had to use eggroll wrappers and used 1/2 small cabbage (pre-cooked) with a (lightly pre-cooked) carrot and 1 pound pre-cooked ground pork.  I actually had some ground pork from the farm, otherwise I would have tried it with beef.  I *thought* they had rice but they don't so I served my pre-cooked rice on the side.  It really helped to have things already cooked in the fridge (except for the meat - I had to do that on the spot).  Dh gave these 2 thumbs up :).


I used Nasoya Egg Roll Wraps because of their ingredient list and because they are Non-GMO, and msg-free.  I'd like to (remember to) look for the actual lumpia wraps at an Asian market.

I made garlic vinegar as a dipping sauce and it was no surprise that I was the only one who used it :).  I got about 25-30 lumpias from this batch and froze 12 for lunch.  I *should* have frozen them before frying so they would be freshly fried but forgot and fried the whole batch.  I think they'll be fine reheated in the toaster oven.

The next day I was getting some leftover ham (thanks, D!!) and cheese out for dc's sack lunches.  Since the lumpias were on my mind I put a chunk of ham and a chunk of cheese in an egg roll and fried it.  It was so incredibly good!  Yes, I actually drizzled some garlic vinegar on it but it was good without it.  The dc had one of these for snack after enrichment classes/band (with a glass of fermented lemonade).

Soft-serve ice cream:  If you're a food additives geek like I am you need to see this link that was posted on kellythekitchenkop.  What ever happened to plain cream, sugar, and egg yolks?

What's Schoolin'?

I have some Algebra Tiles but honestly have never used them for the olders.  Here we are in the middle of Algebra so I'm hunting some resources.  I found a couple of resource books on amazon here and here and here  but I'd like to see them in my hand before buying them.  I'm hoping our local bookstores will have them.

Here is a freebie.  It has a template to make your own tiles and a power point for students to watch.  The pp has some gaps though and doesn't demo the problems.  It seems to be made for use with a teacher showing the probs:

Good, short explanation of Alg Tile use:

Great Virtual Alg Tiles and lets you manipulate them but doesn't show the answers :(.  It does, however, have short explanations of types of problems that can be solved using the tiles:

Good Tutorial:

This compares different algebra manipulatives (from Lab Gear author):

Here are some pictures of the Montessori algebraic pegboard I found on image google:





What's Green?

I was actually looking through image google for cloth pouch ideas for Montessori materials.  I ended up on a familiar search of mine:  cloth sandwich bags.  I just cannot decide where to buy which one at what price (sigh) so I periodically go searching.  I always think: Why not just make them?  But I never get around to it.  Here are some really cool ones.  Since we don't eat full-sized sandwiches (the way I slice our homemade bread from the breadmaker is about the size of a store-bought foldover sandwich) I think the snack size would be fine:

This is cute:

Here is a how-to:

Another how-to:

One more:

I may have already posted this link:


I found this tutorial very helpful a few years ago:



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