Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading Extension ~ Phytic Acid

What's Schoolin'?

Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting is a great book for a reading extension lesson at home or at school.  A little boy and his father are homeless and live in the airport.  Before reading the book to the children have them draw or list items they would pack in a suitcase to go on a trip.  They do this inside a suitcase-shaped booklet on the top of the inside (if it is folded on the top and flips up; on the left side if the fold is on the side).  Then read the book aloud and discuss.  After reading the book they draw or list items they would pack if all of their belongings had to fit in a suitcase.  Our library doesn't have it but I have checked it out through inter-library loan.  I'm rechecking it out... maybe I should just get it for my own personal library!  It's that good.

What's Cookin'?

The dc are creating the menu today (and making the meals).  No oven cuts out homemade pizza.  That was their specialty.  So far all they've come up with is sandwiches, lol.  I think I'll recommend beef stew in the crockpot since the meat is already cooked and they would just need to cut up potatoes, carrots, and add some water/bone broth.  This should be interesting :).

Phytic Acid:  Here is an excellent overview of phytic acid and soaking grains, legumes, or nuts/seeds.  There are some links for further reading within this short, readable post:


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