Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anne of Green Gables ~ History

I've been sitting here in my chair for about 10 minutes going back and forth, back and forth... and back and forth (!) about whether or not to have the olders do this study guide for Anne of Green Gables.  My thoughts were to do it orally instead of having them write the answers to every question.  My hesitation:  time.  Time and - How much it would enhance the experience vs am I just giving myself something else to feel bad about when we don't get to it?  I have a study guide already printed for Call it Courage for them to have the "study guide experience" in a much less stressful, intense way.  They also get plenty of 'answer the questions in complete sentences' at the end of each History and Science chapter in our spines.

Here is the free study guide (mostly questions for the corresponding chapters) that I found saved on my computer:

I think my question was partly answered by youngest dd's question to me earlier today.  I was showing her the reading response cards from which she could choose how to respond to the Beverly Cleary book she's reading (Henry and the Clubhouse).  After I gave her my spiel she asked, "Why can't I just read it to you?"  Out of the mouths of babes (of any age), as the saying goes.  We ended up snuggled on the couch with youngest dd reading aloud to me.  Yes, I think we'll just read and enjoy Anne of Green Gables with the olders or as a family read-aloud (and later watch the movie?)...  BTW, youngest has warmed up to the concept of the reading response cards :).

Reading Response Cards:  Mine are different and include written responses (such as the first example below) as well as some choices that are closer to a project, such as creating an ad poster for the book, a diorama, dressing up as the character and presenting, etc.  However, I don't have a file to share so here are a few links to give you an idea of what I mean when I say Reading Response Cards.

Current Historical Fiction Books:  Speaking of those reading response cards... The olders each picked one book out of 4 options to read and respond to using those cards (and present to the rest of us).  The books fall within our history time period (post Civil War; late 19th century).  The 4 options I checked out of the library are: The Great Railroad Race; The Journal of Sean Sullivan; Land of the Buffalo Bones; and The Journal of Joshua Loper.  They chose the first 2 and then we'll divide up the last 2 books.  The books are a bit below their 'reading levels' but hey, after reading Chemistry a little light reading is a nice reprieve!

Now to decide on Jack London's Call of the Wild!  It's so sad yet compelling... I happen to have a "high interest low readability" book from series called "Bring the Classics to Life" for Call of the Wild.  We may just read that first since it is abridged without the details and go from there; or read the first few chapters of the unabridged to get a sense of the language used by the author and appreciate the literature before reading the summaries in the Bring the Classics to Life version. Back and forth, back and forth...

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