Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grammar Box Materials

I found a folder with Grammar Box cards already printed on cardstock and ready to cut in that basket I keep talking about that I am finally attacking.  In all honesty, when I went through the R and D Language Manual with the olders I completely skipped the Grammar Box materials.  It was fine.  We moved on to Winston Grammar with no problems.  I'm hoping to actually set out the Grammar Boxes for youngest dd.

I haven't decided yet how I want to organize/display/store them since we have such limited space [which I have actually been trying to downsize and just took a huge tall "mueble" (furniture) thing out of the schoolroom].  True to my (obsessive and distracted and forgetful) nature I am first compiling a bunch of photos of grammar boxes.  Then when I can focus I'll look at them and narrow it down.  I really like image google and used that instead of a regular search (in case you haven't discovered it yet, when you are at the google homepage click images in the upper left corner).  There are some real gems in these links.

Here are some links of photos that I just gathered regarding the Montessori Grammar Box:

A good synopsis of Montessori Language Materials and links to some inexpensive pdfs:

Not about Grammar Boxes but a cool idea where she used buttons instead of the triangles for the Detective Adjective Game:

Still left to do:

- Cut out the cards.
- Read the Grammar Box sections of the R and D language manual.
- Go back through these links and decide how to organize/display.
- Actually present the Grammar Boxes to dd! :)

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