Friday, December 3, 2010

Me, Myself, and I... and Yours Truly

This is a funny story that oldest dd wrote for fun in her Writer's Notebook a few weekends ago.  Her title is I took Myself and Me to Lunch.  Enjoy!

Once upon a time Me, Myself, and I went to a castle. We were invited there for lunch by Yours Truly. I had been looking forward to this trip for weeks. When Me, Myself, and I arrived at the castle, Myself became frightened because Myself is afraid of water. Me and I had to help Myself over the drawbridge. When Yours Truly opened the big double doors, Me, Myself, and I were surprised to see that the castle was empty. There was absolutely nothing inside! Not even rooms!

“Welcome!” said Yours Truly.

“Hi,” said Me. We walked into the big empty castle. I helped Yours Truly close the doors behind me.

“Ow!” Myself bumped into something solid.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Myself just bumped into a wall,” answered Yours Truly. “This whole castle is invisible, but I turned the outside visible so you could find it.”

Me, Myself, and I were thoroughly impressed. Yours Truly went over to a small switch and flipped it. All of a sudden hallways, doors, paintings, rugs, beautiful furniture, and a huge piano appeared.

“Wow,” said Me, Myself, and I.

“Is this all yours?” asked Myself.

“Of course,” said Yours Truly. “Let's go to the kitchen and have lunch.”

Me, Myself, and I followed Yours Truly through the castle. After having snack in a kitchen any Food Network fan would be envious of, Me, Myself, and I begged Yours Truly to go up into the high lookout tower. “O.K., but I have to make the castle invisible first,” said Yours Truly.

After this was done, Me, Myself, and I followed Yours Truly up the invisible staircase. Me, Myself, and I ascended carefully with a hand on the invisible rail.

“This is like being blind, only seeing,” said Myself, feeling for another step.

“That made no sense!” said I.

“We're here!” announced Yours Truly.

“Neat-O! Hey, there's the ocean!” said Me, looking out the invisible window.

“This is scary. There's no floor, no ceiling, and no anything. It's creeping me out,” Myself said.

“It's time to go anyway,” I said, looking at the invisible clock.

After Me, Myself, and I said good-bye to Yours Truly and crossed the drawbridge, Myself said,”Whew! That's a cool castle but next time let's go to the Deli for lunch.”

“I couldn't have said it better, Myself,” I said.

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