Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Now that it's already Tuesday night... Here are my "got to try" recipes from RFW (Real Food Wednesday) last week:

Perfect since we're postponing fixing the oven until after Christmas:

Interesting nut-based chocolate frosting:

Berry Merengue Cookies:

I actually have all of the ingredients on hand for this!  I buy the store bagged pretzels from Sprouts because they have acceptable and minimal ingredients.

I'll have to look through these later.  We do more Christmas things between Christmas and Epiphany (Jan 6th) so there's no rush:

The family really liked the latkes last week and this is a different twist.  I'll use plain flour instead of Matzo meal and will change out the canola oil.

Whenever I see dates in the stores they seem expensive to me so I have never bought any.  To make them go further I might try 1/2 dates and 1/2 raisins.  Soak the cashews overnight (?) or use prepared almonds.

Garlic hummus.  Soak/Cook the garbanzos first.

Southwest Potato Hash (side dish using potaotes and black beans)

I've looked at countless bags of gingersnap cookies this past year and always put them back for some reason or another (usually trans fats).  I think I could actually make these.  I won't try them in the toaster oven though because I have to flip everything every 10 minutes in that machine and cookies don't always flip well half-way through!

Quinoa with sauteed veggies and goat cheese:

Breakfast/Snack "cookies" with raisins and nuts.

Buckeye candies:

I started a picture tutorial for Milk Kefir but I don't know that I'll have it ready to join in on tomorrow's (Wednesday) RFW...

What's Cookin'?

Ginger Candy:  I have GOT to make these!  Dd has been sick the last 2 days with a sore throat.  I got this link in their newsletter this morning.  It reminded that I happened to have some Reed's ginger candy in the refrigerator that I had gotten months and months ago.  I gave dd pieces of that (1/2 a candy has lasted all day because it's kind of strong).  She said that it really helps - much more than the Ricola cough drops she had been using (which I still plan on having around because the flavor I got has NO weird fake sugars and NO fake dyes, etc)


Pumpkin Cookies:  We made the recipe at Heavenly Homemakers and they are sooo good.  They are sort of cakie (that's a real word in my intergalactic dictionary!) and worked fine in the toaster oven.  I used about 1/2 the sugar in the recipe.  They had such a tiny bit of sugar and good pumpkin that we actually ate some for breakfast!  Dd also took some to her class for her birthday.  I was a bit worried about the other children not liking them because they were not overly sweet and a bit different.  However, that's what I happened to be making the evening before (read:  I forgot and was so relieved that I had the cookies baking!).  Dd said that everyone ate them up quickly so I guess that's a thumbs up?

We skipped the frosting and I ended up using white flour because there was no liquid to soak the wheat overnight.

As I'm typing I'm cooking lentils and have no idea what I'm doing!  I'm following the basic lentils recipe in Nourishing Traditions.


  1. Thanks for the link about my garden vegetable latkes recipe. I appreciate it!

    -- Laura from Frugal Follies

  2. You're welcome! I used your recipe as an inspiration and put carrot and celery in my last batch of latkes. Very good!! I also appreciated the tip about using the food processor instead of grating the potatoes by hand. I just have a teeny tiny mini-chopper but it was still easier than grating.

    I froze 1/2 of the batch for later.