Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

~ I used these to tape to the fronts of the chocolate coins.  Youngest dd said, "Mommy, where did you get these cool stickers?"  Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your file! (and thank you for sending it to me at 11pm when I couldn't print it!):

As dd and I talked about the "stickers" we decided we could use some of the extras to decorate a votive candle.

~ They picked 2 pages to color from the night before and I set them at their table place.  I got there another way and missed this last night - there are other printables and some online activities here:

~ We'll be painting little wooden pegs sort of like these.  Aren't they beautifully detailed?? [Yes, I also found some of the little pegs in my culture box! Why in the culture box?  I think we were going to make a nativity or saints with them (culture in Montessori includes Science, History, Geography, Religion)]

What they found in their slippers:
~ I found some little booklets in my "culture" box as I was cleaning up the piles in the study.
~ A dye-free candy cane in each slipper.
~ A chocolate coin with the 'stickers' on them to make them fancy (I only put one coin in each shoe and that's it).
~ A quarter in each slipper.
~ A holy card.  I used one of these public domain pictures for the front and a short biography on the back.
~ I rummaged around and found a pack of glitter glue sticks so they each got a stick from the pack.
~ I also found some small craft wooden crosses in the culture box so they each got one of those.

Nothing very fancy but they really enjoy the little surprises (and the not-surprising things they always get like the coins and candy canes).  By the way, St. Nicholas' white horse made quite a mess while eating his hay :).  I spread some of it out around the hallway when I put the goodies in... guess we'll be vacuuming today!

All of this and regular school/enrichment classes too! 

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