Friday, December 3, 2010

December Calendar (Religious)

I found this calendar, copy/pasted to a new document (I use Open Office or you could use Word), and then inserted ideas from Catholic Cuisine and my new (used) book I got in the mail recently called Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom by Ann Ball.  After going through each of these titles carefully this is the book I thought would best fit our current needs.

I put things that require an oven in red so I don't have to keep checking and will just skip those for now (but I included them in hopes of being able to make them).  I will add anything else by hand.  It is printed and on the fridge door.  The recipes are mostly already printed as well.

CC = Catholic Cuisine
CT = Catholic Traditions book

I hope this will be helpful to someone perhaps 1/2 as scattered as I am right now...  I already made the chicken tempura on the wrong day, lol, but we really, really liked it :).  This is the calendar/notes in pdf.  The tinyurl is below in case the long one doesn't work.

This doesn't include any Advent activities/projects - I was just glad to get this much done!

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