Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Some new recipes I've "got to try."

Broccoli/cheese nuggets (I'm assuming it calls for frozen chopped broc, not chunks; and fine bread crumbs, not coarse like my homemade ones - I should use the coffee grinder on my bread crumbs!).  I seriously cannot wait to make this and almost tried it with cauliflower and dh's packaged bread crumbs or almond meal.  I'm making myself wait until tomorrow when I have broccoli and homemade bread crumbs.[update:  I made it using almond meal that I had and they fell apart a bit - I ended up adding flour.  Try again using actual bread crumbs!][Tasted good though!  1/2 the batch is in the freezer]

Pumpkin milk shake (use 1/2 kefir; 1/2 milk)

Pumpkin granola (add whey and soak - use dehydrator until oven fixed?)

Easy Breakfast Casserole.  I like the open-endedness of this recipe.  I'll be making it this weekend for sure!

Fermented garlic.  My garlic plants are already over 1 ft high and winter hasn't even started yet.  Hope they do well over winter and didn't grow too fast beforehand.

Reese's peanut butter cups.  I should probably NOT make these :). [update:  These are beyond good!  Everyone liked them and they were unbelievably easy.  I ended up using dark Ghiraldelli bars (I *think* 73%) with our smooth organic peanut butter (I get the store brand organic pnt bttr but there are some here).  I can't remember the last time I let dc eat a Reese's cup.  Now I can say, sure, let's make a batch for a special treat. I skipped the yeast for the texture.  I'm not thrilled that Ghiraldelli has soy lecithin but used it for this.  I usually buy Enjoy Life dark chocolate bars.  I did the math and making these, even with luxurious Ghiraldelli, was still less than peanut butter cups at the grocery checkout - without the junk.]

Rendering lard in a crockpot.  I'm hoping to get some pastured pork fat to render (since I can't afford the actual meat!):

Eggnog.  Dd has already requested homemade eggnog.  I haven't decided on the recipe I'll try for sure but this one looks good:

Layered Mexican Casserole:

Antipasta Squares.  Could be made with yogurt dough?

Our Lady of the Rock (Benedictine Monastery/real food farm in Washington state):

Please read this short uplifting story and follow the links to Our Lady of the Rock main website and blog.  It does my soul good to know that they are there doing what they are doing (praying and working).  If you live nearby you can help them by physically volunteering (farm work is tough!) and by purchasing their goods by which they support themselves.

Here is their website and blog:

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