Monday, February 21, 2011


What's Cookin'?

Ketchup:  Well, not completely.  I'm doing so many things that ketchup can't be one of them right now.  However.... instead of making homemade lacto-fermented ketchup (who knew you could??) I plan on fermenting store bought organic ketchup.  Tomatoes are one of those things that, if at all possible, should be organic.  It was a big shift when I realized that I don't have to eat tomatoes year-round.  They are seasonal foods.  Ugh.  I refuse to pay soooo much in the stores for an organic tomato unless I really need one for a special, special recipe.  I get them in the summer from a farmer at the local farmer's market who does not spray with anything and just picks the bugs off.

Back to the ketchup.  For 2 Cups of ketchup add in 1/4 C whey.  Stir well.  Add 2 Tbl whey to cover the top.  I'm not sure why because I've never covered the top before in any other ferment but anyway, I'll actually follow directions this time!  Leave on the counter for 3-5 days.  After 3-5 days stir in the top layer of whey before storing in the refrigerator.  It should keep several months in the fridge.

This is adapted from:

Almond Butter:  I was so excited to be making almond butter in the new food processor that my mom gave me for Christmas.  I thought I would finally get creamy almond or peanut butter.  It was as chunky as ever (but we still ate it and still used it in recipes).  I was clearing out my inbox yesterday and came across this link (and then went off on bunny trails and never did clear out the inbox!).  She ran it for 25 minutes but it finally got creamy.  I was afraid that would burn up my new processor.  However, I'm going to try it by letting it rest several times during the processing time and see what happens.

What's Schoolin'?

Youngest dd keeps getting pulled toward this book like a magnet to the refrigerator :) during shelf work time.  She likes trying the experiments:  How the Body Works by Steve Parker.  I need to talk to her and see if she wants to know 'parts of' different things and maybe make some cards for her.  I have the parts of a skeleton somewhere around here...

The olders are busy writing speeches and educational presentations for some 4-H contests. 

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