Saturday, February 12, 2011

Montessori and Adolescence ~ St. Valentine's Day

I was doing a little research regarding Montessori and adolescence.  I came across this article.  It says that adolescents often don't want to use Montessori materials and yet may still need them because the youths either cannot think abstractly about certain concepts or still need to review (that's roughly what it said).  One way around this is to challenge them to create Montessori materials to present to younger students. 

Fortunately our dc still enjoy the materials.  Just today during shelf work time one was working with the Elements 3-part cards, the Bohr model, and the electric circuit kit (she was in a science mood!).  The other older did some spelling cards and continent horse pin maps (that got youngest dd interested in those maps again).  We also talked and planned out some North America materials/activities.  They brainstormed what they should learn about the continent/countries and came up with ideas to make/do.  We still need to brainstorm resources so the ideas of library books, videos, etc can come from them :).  We looked at an awesome Geography curriculum to see how we would use it for North America along with shelf work and Montessori materials.  [It's Trail Guide to World Geography]

It's still something to keep in mind though if/when they begin to show reluctance with materials because they are too 'old' for that style of learning. 

The article talks about integrated studies, such as reading Homer while studying Greece, and studying the Elizabethan period when reading Shakespeare.  That style of learning is deeply a part of us.  It gave me some affirmation in our styles of learning/teaching.

They also talk about the importance of the older student being involved in meal planning and meal preparation.  We're all about that! (Yes, I needed more affirmation!)

But what *curriculum* should be found at the high school level???  Well, in one of the photos in the article they have the Borenson Hands-On Equation that I just mentioned in a previous post!  Even though I have the last say :), I do discuss curriculum choices with the children - always have and always will.  Whether it's letting younger dd choose what unit topic she would like to study, or the olders helping decide what science curriculum to use next year for Biology, we talk it over and they give input/direction in their own learning.

Here is the full article:

What's Cookin'?

Middle dd was asking for funnel cakes so she's going to make these for St. Valentine's Day as a surprise.  Actually, she wanted malt balls, then peppermint patties (sigh).  Then I offered to look for a homemade recipe for peppermint patties and she changed it to funnel cakes.  I'm a softy - it's so hard when we're shopping for treats for youngest dd's class party but we don't eat the regular candy from the stores.,166,135191-251197,00.html

BTW, these peppermint patties look possible.  I think you can swap fresh cream (or even heavy whipping cream) for the evaporated milk 1:1.  Maybe I'll make these for her birthday coming up soon:

My surprise treat for St. Valentine's will be truffles from Heavenly Homemakers (I LOVE that blog!):

We'll also have her fruit salad and I may make some strawberry dip-type thing (or dd's strawberry cream cheese).

The only 'candy' they'll be getting is a little pack of Sundrops (like M&Ms)

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