Thursday, February 24, 2011


Can You Help?

This is an unusual circumstance for me to post something like this but here goes... Can you help a fellow homeschooler get out of a bind?  Just in case you can help, Jessica from Garden of Francis (that I've bragged about several times on this blog and plan to order from again soon) is in a bit of a financial pickle and can really use our immediate and urgent prayers/financial help.  She only has a few days to come up with a 4-digit amount.  I'm hoping and praying that she receive exactly what she needs.  Here is the link to her facebook homepage and on the left side there is a donations button.  Please discern if you can help and donate there.  Even though I do NOT have facebook (Am I the only one on the planet who doesn't?  Even my mom is on facebook!) it worked just fine for me and it uses secure paypal.

What's Cookin'?

Tomato Treat side dish: I made this from my "Gottatries" list. I had gotten some small tomatoes from a farmer's market as I was passing through a (literally) one-light town several weeks ago. They weren't sprayed and were mostly green so I grabbed a few pounds. I was thrilled to find some in January - they had cut them before the first frost. I've been taking them out of the fridge to ripen one or two at a time. When I remembered this recipe I took out a handful. My tomatoes were barely turning red which gave this dish a lightly tart flavor. These were delicious. I can't wait for summer's farmer's market! BTW, the ingredients say parsley and the directions say basil. I used basil. I only used 1/2 the mayo because I'm a cheapskate.

Accidental Latte: I was very flustered at the store while buying whipping cream... I needed whipping cream *that* moment for the St. Valentine's Day fruit salad. The only ones I could find were ultra-pasteurized, even the organic one. The only non-ultra-pasteurized cream where I was shopping was Mexican Cream by Cacique (which I love but it does have guar gum and carageenan (sp?) and since it's pasteurized it will bother my stomach a bit if I have too much). I ended up buying one of each: The Mexican Cream (sometimes they have Salvadoran cream, yum!) and a regular heavy whipping cream.

[By the way, if you buy Shepps, the little one is ultra-pasteurized, the middle size is just pasteurized, and the big size is ultra-pasteurized - at least in stores I've seen. I was wishing that I had at least gotten the middle one the day before at another store.]

I thought I would try whipping the Mexican cream first because I preferred pasteurized over UHT and they both had added ingredients. This was clearly a compromise treat. Anyway, I added some vanilla and rapadura to the cream and began whisking it with the electric whisk. After forever it still had not 'whipped' although it was a bit, a tiny bit, frothy. I stuck it in the fridge and whipped the blah heavy whipping cream to use for the recipe.

The next morning I plopped some of the whipped Mexican cream in my coffee and it was so luxuriously frothy and creamy. If you like lattes give this a go!

What's Schoolin'?

I'm working on our 20th Century study lesson plans right now.  I'll post it soon.  For now I'm pasting just the extra activity portion for the first decade below:

Activities to fit in throughout this decade:
-Eat at Subway (first subway begun in NYC)
-Eat some Hawaiian pineapple, papaya (non-GMO of either!) or macadamia nuts (became US territory)
-Eat some bubble gum (we use Glee Gum-although it's not actually bubble gum, it's still a treat)
*Read Call of the Wild
-Fly paper airplanes
-Watch a movie about the Panama Canal? (it started here and finished in the next decade)
-Watch the Samantha movie
-Try making homemade ice cream cones

Books (I'm still making my list and haven't picked up my holds from the library yet so I'll add more later):

Animals Robert Scott Saw by S Markle;
Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! by J Fritz.
Little Britches by Ralph Moody

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