Friday, February 4, 2011

Lapbook Goodies ~ Snow Books

The Freebie right now from In the Hands of a Child is The Big Snow.  How perfect!  Click on freebie on the top tool bar and you'll get to the pdf.  I just looked at it and I think I'll do a lot of them with youngest dd.  We don't have the book and can't get to the library right now but I can still do them until we get the book and read some other winter books I have.

Their $5 e-book this week is Ancient Rome!  I got that at another sale earlier in the school year but this is a great bargain.  Click on the big box with EBook of the Week.

[See below for a sale from Journey through Learning]

Here are some more winter picture books to enjoy by the fire:
White Snow, Bright Snow; Katy and the Big Snow Book; Geraldine's Big Snow; The Jacket I Wear in the Snow (one of my all-time favorites!! Great for making a book with it); Snow Treasure (for olders or WWII studies); Snow (C. Rylant-I haven't read it but have enjoyed several of her books); The Three Snow Bears; The Snowy Day; and another favorite Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (poem by Robert Frost illustrated by Jeffers).  I could go on and on until spring!  There are so many wonderful winter books.


A Journey through Learning is having a Winter Blast sale.  This is from the e-mail:
"While most of the country is braving the ice and snow, (even us in the south!!) you and your child can keep warm by the fire with a fun lapbook or unit study. Our "Winter Blast" sale is on ALL instant downloads! Take 40% off at checkout using this code...

Code can not be used for CD, printed, or assembled versions. Sale goes through Monday, Feb. 7."

What's Cookin'?

Just plain bread, milk kefir, apple sauce (oldest dd is making that), beet kvass.  I'm not motivated to cook/prep today.  Mainly I want to straighten things around the house and maybe reorganize the freezer or cupboard.  Last night for a side I tried combining some garbanzos that I had cooked with ham hocks and some green beans.  It was okay, good actually, but I noticed nobody else taking seconds :).  I'll put those leftovers in soup today, he, he, he...


  1. Thank you for sharing the Hands of a child site! It is wonderful! I cant wait to try our first lapbook.

  2. Kerryanne,

    You're welcome - and it gets better! Right now they have a sale of $4 off. I started a post about it but just in case I don't get back to it quickly:
    "Take $4.00 Off Any Lapbook Project Pack! (Yes up to 80% OFF depending on the retail price of the unit"
    "Friday January 28, 2011 thru February 12, 2011"
    "Use Code 400thPP (case sensitive)"

    I hope you enjoy your lapbook journey. We've lapbooked for years and it's the perfect match for us. From early childhood to high school, it fits us well. :)