Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Art ~ More Lapbooks

Meet the Masters: 

Here is another Art program.  I have not seen it personally nor used it so I cannot vouch for it but you can get it 50% off through the homeschool buyers club right now.  It is called Meet the Masters and there is a link to the product page within this link:

Sale at In the Hands of a Child:

I put this in the comments but wanted to add it in a post to make sure you all see it.  HOAC has a sale of $4 off any project packs.  That could be up to 80% off depending on the price.  In the Thematic Early Childhood section I found Winter Sports that would only be $2 right now. This could go along with The Big Snow study I mentioned before or alone. Some books to use with it might be:  Snowy, Blowy Winter; The Winter Olympics (True Book); or Tacky and the Winter Games.


This is 50% off through the homeschool buyers club also.  I haven't used it but a friend has and I seem to remember that she liked it.  Their Help for High School looks interesting for my olders, but they have for all levels:

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