Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lapbooks (HOAC)

In the Hands of a Child (HOAC) has weekly specials called $5 e-book of the week.  This week is NASCAR history.  They also have quarterly freebies.  This quarter it is Study Any Great Painter.  Free.  Unadulterated project pack, not some demo.  Free.  I had accumulated quite a few freebies on my old computer that I lost when the computer crashed.


While I was looking to see what the weekly e-book was I scrolled through Geography.  I think the Europe one would be good to do while the dc are interested in Europe.  It would help give some focus to some things that aren't covered in the Montessori materials that I have unless you are also reading books about the continent.  Even with reading books though, this would give dc focus on pertinent information.  I'm still deciding because $20 is quite an investment for me when I've already spent those $20 on 20 pounds of organic apples (99 cents a pound, remember?  Great and totally worth it).  I think I'll plan on it for the vague distant future and keep my eyes open for some good sales.  They may have a Black Friday sale, so keep your eyes peeled.

This is the Europe lapbook:

Ah!  I found the Black Friday info!  Enjoy!

11/26/10 Black Friday:

40% off all Project Packs ANY FORMAT

11/27-28/10 Saturday and Sunday:
35% off all Project Packs

11/29/10 Cyber Monday:
30% off all Project Packs
Receive a free gift with any purchase of
$50 or more on Monday ONLY

What's Cookin'?

Last night I made Apple Crisp again, only this time it literally burned to a crisp in the rickety toaster oven.  That would have been bad enough but it was dh's birthday :(.  We scooped off the topping and ate it anyway.  The good news:  I was able to use some dehydrated apples from those bulk apples.  Had I not dehydrated them they would be rotten by now, so it was worth dehydrating them.  They reconstituted fine.  Before cooking I poured hot water over them and let them sit a while.  Note to self:  COVER it while cooking next time (that wasn't in my notes on the recipe and it burned before the time was up that I had noted from last time for my toaster over).

I also made lasagna for his birthday meal.  I had never made lasagna before - he's the lasagna maker a few times a year.  It wasn't so bad and the platter was scraped clean.  Again, tricky baking in the rickety teeny tiny toaster oven.  I think, especially with the holidays coming soon, if we can't afford to fix the oven (who am I kidding, we haven't even gotten it looked at yet) then I'll look into a decent toaster oven in which I can actually bake.  Any preferred brands/models or any to avoid?


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the lapbook and the sale! A few months back I splurged during a sale through Homeschool Buyers Coop and got the Meet The Masters series...so the free artist lapbook will come in handy toward the end of the year when they can each pick their favorite 'master' of the year!

  2. Juliette,

    I'm not familiar with Meet the Masters. Is it this one?

    Glad you can use the freebie :).