Friday, November 26, 2010

A Few Black Friday Deals

The lapbook Black Friday deals have a new link different than the one I posted earlier.  They have a new website and the old link didn't work.  Today is 40% off with other sales through Monday. Try:
The code for the sales is BlackFriday.  There is a box to insert the code once you are in your shopping cart and it deducts the price for you.

I have to admit that I debated and debated on this one but finally gave in.  This herbal remedy e-book is 50% off right now.  For $4.50-ish I finally decided that it would be worth it since I have been trying to get away from toxic ingredients in 'medicine' for everyday ailments.  The code is THANKS50.

The 50% Black Friday sale is over but this e-book is on sale until Monday for $4.00.  Healthy Snacks to Go will be a good resource.  We don't buy processed snacks anymore (well... usually we don't!) so this should be very helpful.  Her blog is awesome and very helpful.  The code is cybermonday.

Amazon has a morphing Black Friday sale with new things being added throughout the day.  Click on the first link posted for a scrolling view or on any deal posted underneath here.


  1. Thanks Beth! I got the Healthy Snacks book as well as the HOAC lapbook for From Sea to Shining Sea, which we are using this year for AM HX.
    Thanks for sharing the savings!!


  2. Juliette,

    Yeah, glad you could use the sales info! For us lapbooking and FSTSS is the perfect mix for History. Okay, so the text has taken us several years, but that's okay :). I'm about to post one more sale for lapbooks so stay tuned...