Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grammar Extensions

One of the little works I have on the shelves are some cut up sentences in a little drawer.  When the olders were little (I just can't think of any other adjectives other than 'little' right now!), they would make the little sentence using the little cards and put the grammar symbol cards above each part of speech which they had already covered in presentations.  In other words, if they had only been presented noun, article, verb then that's all they would mark.  When they knew more parts of speech they would mark more.  Then they would copy the sentence in their language notebooks and draw/color the grammar symbols above the words.

I was googling to find some file(s) of sentences to post for you all that you could cut up and came across these that are actually totally different :).

I just printed these antonym cards out on cardstock for youngest dd.  You could print a second set to use for control.  I will probably just label the backs since she is 8 and can use that type of control.

Here are some compound word cards:

Here are some Montessori printables for word study and there are some grammar sentences to mark/label as well.  The files are inexpensive and although I've never bought from them I have never heard of anyone disappointed by them.  They look really nice.

This Grammar Game is ingenious!  I think the little symbol cards I already have laminated/cut out that we use will fit in the squares on the Scrabble board.  Hmmm.....

These have some sentences that you could use to make cards (in case you don't want to think!):

The handwritten, cut-up sentences that I have are well over 20 years old (Yes, I'm that old!).  I think I made them in an ESL class in college. Hopefully the above links will get you started...

Here are some Ruth Heller books that we've used for the different parts of speech and they are also recommended in the R and D manuals:  Kites Sail High,Many Luscious Lollipops, Merry-Go-Round, Mine, All Mine!, A Cache of Jewels, Behind the Mask: A Book about Prepositions, Up, Up, and Away, Fantastic! Wow! and Unreal!: A Book about Interjections and Conjunctions.

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