Monday, November 29, 2010

One Last Black Friday Deal (on Cyber Monday)

This will be a short and sweet post so I can get this code to you (aren't you glad... but I'll be sure to ramble in the next post!). 

A Journey through Learning's Black Friday sale runs through today (Cyber Monday): 40% off instant download products.  I got their Overview of the 20th Century to fill up our gap in the history text we use (From Sea to Shining Sea) but unfortunately I got the wrong one when I ordered from currclick a while back(argh!!) - I got the unit study instead of the lapbook and we'll just have to adjust it.  The e-mail said that the sale is for downloads only and does NOT include materials from Geomatters.  They have lapbooks that follow some of the Apologia books by Fulbright if you are using those.  Some examples are:  Exploring Creation with Botony; Exploring Creation with Astronomy; Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day; Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day; Land Animals of the Sixth Day.

If you sign up for their newsletter you get a free copy of the Overview of the 17th century lapbook unit.

Years ago we did the Astronomy book by Fulbright and really enjoyed it.  I think that was our first lapbook and we had to create it all from scratch. I have some photos here; click on next to see the next one in the sequence and I think there are 9 for the space lapbook.

Okay, I ended up rambling anyway!  Here is the link and the code is:  BlackFriday40

Enjoy one last day of savings!

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