Monday, November 22, 2010


Recipes from this week's Real Food Wed I have 'got to try' very soon (now that it's already almost time for the next RFW!):

I would have to tweek to make a soaked recipe or use flavoring/spices ideas to our soaked/baked/dehydrated recipe:

For these muffins I'll soak the flour and water with 2 tablespoons kefir overnight.  Then I'll continue with the recipe.  I have a six-muffin tin that I think will fit in the toaster oven. [update: dc really liked these!  I had to actually pop out the muffins after the cooking time and put back in the toaster over upside down so that the muffin bottoms would cook before the tops burned]

Coconut Cookies:
I wonder if they would work with almond meal.  I have never gotten coconut flour.

Gingerbread Pancakes:

I must, must try this.  I may also try it as a baked, dried cereal... or even as granola bars.  I'll have to wait and see how it bakes:

Sidedish of butternut squash, cranberries, and Brussels Sprouts:

Interesting: Black bean burgers.  I actually have all the ingredients on-hand, including a pint of cooked black beans:
I knew these as a teenager as "one-eyed Jacks."  I had forgotten all about them!

This looks worth a try.  There is no flour in these chocolate banana muffins.

Muffins.  Maybe soak flour, yogurt (kefir), and applesauce overnight so it won't be so thick?  Maybe bake as a cake? Could make asap 'cuz actually have all of the ingredients:

Not from RFW, but still from Kelly's blog ~ Really?  Homemade shoestring onions are that easy?

Easy Flatbread (make ahead and freeze?):

Free Thanksgiving Bonus Mini-Lesson from Happy and Healthy Holidays by Nourished Kitchen:

Go to the top tab for the Freebie, but you may want to watch the video first and look at her helpful concept of per class or whole series options.


This was recommended by clickschooling.  It looks interesting and might be very good for the olders.  I need to explore it myself, maybe I can figure out what I want to be when I grow up...

Writing Lessons Resource:

There are so many aspects to teaching writing that there is no way to cover it all.  This is a resource that I use sparingly but it's great to have when you just can't think up another lesson from scratch :).  It uses trade books to read for the writing model, has real student writing as models as well, has prewriting 'stationary' and teaching ideas for the lesson.  It is called Writer's Craft: Models, Lessons, and More.  It says grades 3-5 but with the variety of read-aloud options it could be used for a broader range depending on the needs/interests of the children.

Another book that has nice spelled out lessons to teach writer's craft is Craft Lessons: Teaching Writing K-8 by Fletcher and Portalupi.  It also uses real trade books to teach writing lessons.

On a sour note:

I just want to pull my hair out when I read about governments dictating WHAT we eat... Not regulating ingredients such as, I don't know, petroleum or benzene (major carcinogen) in our children's food, but actual food choices.  To tackle obesity "they" want us to not eat saturated fats and only eat margarine (read: trans fats); no sugars but neurotoxins and excitotoxins that literally kill your brain cells are okay (remember the proposed soda tax on non-diet ones, but diet ones were considered healthy??).  Well, I lost 20 pounds when the only thing I changed was TO eat saturated fats and dropped trans fats from my diet.  I'd better stop before I really rant about it.  However, everyone should know what is going on in Norfolk Island.  I purposefully chose this article that gushes about it instead of the counter argument:

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