Monday, November 29, 2010

All Ye Lands Lesson Plans ~ Latkes

As I continue going through the basket in the schoolroom that I MEANT to go through this summer I am finding all sorts of goodies.

I ran across lesson plans for All Ye Lands that I had printed from Maureen O'Brien.  Here is the original link but it is no longer working (I'm posting it in case someone can find it)

This is a cached version I found although the format isn't the same.  Maybe it'll help someone or give some ideas (if you know me in real life I can give you a copy of the plans in an easier to follow format):

~ I keep flip-flopping with how I want to use A Trailguide to World Geography.  One dd wants to just go through it as it is designed.  Another dd wants me to cut the pages up into cards like Montessori command cards for her to do.  Other dd doesn't really care.  There is also a lapbook at A Journey through Learning that matches this curriculum (40% off as I type - how tempting!).  The other flip-flopping I'm doing is scheduling it in a more formal way.  Geography is a part of shelf work and they generally choose at least one geography work on shelf work days on their own.  However, if we do theTrail Guide to World Geography together it would be separate from actual shelf work time.  We've jumped ahead by reading Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne for fun before the study (we'll read the illustrated classics version when we're done with the unabridged version) (unabridged is free here if you have a Kindle).  The Trail Guide has it at the end of the study.  I don't think it matters.  Rather than being the cumulative experience, the book is our anticipatory experience :).

What's Cookin'?
Latkes:  Here's a recipe but I will probably just wing it and shred the potatoes, add a bit of chopped onion and salt, flour and egg to make it stick and then fry.  I'll serve with apple sauce.  This tells you how long ago I taught in public schools:  I remember making latkes with my second grade class.  I guess you can't really do culturally religious things much anymore that are Jewish or Christian but back then it was still okay.  A book that I read with the activity was: Latkes and Applesauce.  There is a recipe in the book as well.  For a more humorous story we read The Chanukkah Guest  (this still comes out every year with our Christmas books). 

Maccabee is one of my heroes - their perseverance and courage inspire me. It was during the rededication of the Temple that the miracle of the oil, thus the Festival of Lights (Hanukkah), occurred.  [An aside:  another inspiring hero for me is Miguel Pro - I've been thinking about him a lot lately (his Feast Day recently passed) and saw some photos taken just before his execution.  He forgave his executioners, prayed, denied the blindfold, and died saying "Viva Cristo Rey."  Although it was against the law to be practicing Catholicism at the time around 20,000 mourners defied the oppression and went to the streets for his funeral.]

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