Sunday, June 17, 2012

Water Equipment Sales

What's Green?

You may want to skip this post :) - I've been window shopping and posted my browsing list.  We are already into triple digit temperatures and are also already in stage 2 water restrictions.  Using our water wisely while saving our trees and growing a garden for food is important right now.  These are some things I'm considering but I haven't actually used them yet (so they aren't firm recommendations but they look promising).  If you have used anything that you really like related to this post please let me know - I'm open to more suggestions!  If you've tried any of these and they're a bust, please let us know that as well.

Noodle sprinkler head (15% off)(eligible for free shipping). I haven't used these but they look like they would save water by directing it only where you need it.

Orbit Brass 2-Way connector (49% off)(eligible for free shipping):


Gilmore weeper/soaker hose (21% off)(eligible for free shipping). I'm seriously considering just snaking some soaker hoses around the front yard to save it during the summer (our fruit trees are clustered in the front to save on watering). These look promising from the reviews:


This one is 25 ft long (34% off)(eligible for free shipping):


7-Pattern spray nozzle (46% off)(eligible for free shipping):


Treegator 20 Gallon Slow Release Watering Bag for Trees (24% off)(eligible for free shipping). This looks a little obtrusive but if it saves our trees than I don't mind!


Treegator junior 15 Gallon Slow Release Watering Bag (26% off)(eligible for free shipping). This looks like a more subtle and manageable size and design (in my humble opinion)[note to self: try this one!]. Dh says that he could probably try to make something like this with an inner tube??

My concern about either of these water bags is using them on fruit trees and any baddies leaching into our fruit.  However, they are young trees and the fruit we got from them this year was negligible (although very exciting since we expected nothing this first season!!).


Orbit Portable Mist Cooling System (only 15% off but the reviews look good)(eligible for free shipping):

Orbit Cobra Mistand (47% off)(eligible for free shipping):


Master Craft Watering Spikes (they use regular water or soda bottles) (49% off)(eligible for free shipping). I tried making my own one year when we went out of town and they didn't work at all so this really caught my eye.


Misty Mate Arctic Tie (48% off)(eligible for free shipping). Years ago when I was deep in Lyme Disease treatment and so miserable with the heat I used some cooling scarves on my infected knees and to cool off. These are a little different but I'm putting a few options below, especially since I've had symptoms all over again since moving and my knees are already hot and swollen (and it's only 8 am!):


Chill-it Cooling Towel (not on sale)(eligible for free shipping):


Frogg Togg Chilling Towel (16% off)(no shipping info):


Ice Bandana (31% off)(eligible for free shipping):


 Cool Wrap Cooling Scarf (not on sale but inexpensive and eligible for free shipping):


Drinking Water Hose (21% off)(Free Shipping!). I REALLY like that this is drinking water safe for the garden:


Here is a smaller size (15% off)(eligible for free shipping):


This hose is longer, drinking safe, for the same price (more or less)(eligible for free shipping):


Mini Aqua Globes (50% off)(eligible for free shipping). I have actually been wanting some of these for several years...


5-Way zinc faucet valve (33% off)(eligible for free shipping). I like this one because all 5 connections have a shut-off valve. We may need this instead of the Y-valve for the 5 front trees (2 peach, 1 apple, 1 plum, and 1 shade tree):


40 Gallon Rain barrell (36% off)(free shipping).  I'd like to research rain collectors some more.  I love the idea but don't want roof water on the edible garden (the roof is less than a year old so still lots of yucky runoff).  We could use the one using roof water for watering the foundation and shrubbery, although I'm known to put edibles in flower gardens.  I'd like to get one with food-grade plastic to set out to collect direct rain water for the veggie garden.


Any purchases through any of the amazon links grant me a teeny tiny referral fee.

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