Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Treats (Kitchen Items on Sale at Amazon)

I am not necessarily endorsing these products, but here are some great kitchen sales that I thought looked like good summer matches.

Controlling what is in their summer treats is really important to me - especially since we avoid food dyes, among many other things (I just tried to buy a simple box of crackers at the grocery store and came home empty-handed and discouraged!).  These tools are just that - tools in controlling the healthy eating of our children.  I'm not thrilled with plastic, but there are few non-plastic choices for molds (see the stainless steel and silicon molds below).  Enjoy your shopping!

Cuisenart Ice Cream Maker (38% off - savings of over $50 with free shipping)

Cuisenart 1-1/2 QT Ice Cream Maker (54% off - save over $45; free shipping):

Star Ice Pop Molds (27% off and eligible for free shipping):

Animal Shape Frozen Treat Mold (45% off - eligible for free shipping):

Arctic Pop Gel Ice Canister (40% off; free shipping):

There are several styles of shaved ice/snow cone machines on sale at THIS LINK.

 Smoothie Express blender (39% off and eligible for free shipping):

These are not on sale, but if you are like me and are missing 1/2 the lids to your popsicle mold and looking for a new one, these may come in handy (I am especially drooling over the stainless steel one!!).  I wonder how practical the ice cream sandwich makers are??

Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold (free shipping):

Norpro Silicon Ice Pop Maker:

Rocket Ice Pop Mold (eligible for free shipping):

Push Pop Molds (eligible for free shipping):

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker:

Kitchen Art Ice Cream Sandwich Maker:

Cool Cones:

Any purchases made through any of the affiliate links (even for different products) helps to support our homeschool.

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