Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Dinner: Chef Salad

What's Cookin'?

Chef Salad:  We had a late sporting activity today (uh, late for us, anyway!) which got us home about 5:30.  I ran by the store on the way home and got a head of lettuce.  I was hoping to get some precooked, diced chicken at the store but couldn't bring myself to get what I saw.  I was planning on getting the msg-free, etc. Hormel brand but this store didn't have any (We ate the very, very last bit of their home-raised 4-H broilers last night at dinner).  They didn't have organic lettuce either; although I'm sure I've gotten some there before (sigh).

The second we got in the door I rushed into the kitchen and boiled some eggs.  While that was cooking I washed and tore up the head of lettuce (I never use knives on lettuce - it makes them taste metallic to me) and diced some sharp cheddar cheese (United Market Street has Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese 8oz on sale 2 for $5!).  Once the eggs were cooked I rinsed them in cold water, peeled, and diced them with a handy-dandy egg slicer.  I do it one way, turn it and slice it again, and then (very carefully, over the bowl!) do it in one more direction.  Nice teeny tiny cubes :).  I also chopped up a handful of almonds

It turned out to be a nice, cool, refreshing, and filling dinner for all 5 of us!  I served it with store-bought crackers that I had gotten for a recent trip (convenience foods are so... convenient some times!).

Ingredients (for a family of 5 - no leftovers):

- 1 head of lettuce
- 3 hard-boiled eggs
- 1/4 pound sharp cheddar cheese cut into very small pieces
- 1/3 C almonds, chopped finely
- Homemade dressing to taste

Dressing:  fresh buttermilk with Real Salt, garlic powder, parsley to taste.  Add mayonnaise to desired thickness and taste.

Some other add-in options:
- Diced cooked chicken
- Diced cooked ham
- Tomato (grape tomatoes would be nice)
- Bell Pepper (raw or lightly cooked)
- Carrot (raw)
- Celery (raw)
- Diced zucchini (raw or lightly cooked)
- Craisins
- Olives
- Mushrooms


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  1. Sounds yummy to me, but I'm imagining my 'beef, it's what's for dinner' DH and the ever growing DS's14 &11 who can eat like there is no tomorrow...not to mention dd9 who has been on steroids recently for breathing issues who is eating the equivalent of 6 meals a day! I'd have to quadruple the recipe!LOL!!
    Gotta love those egg slicers! I have a cheese slicer from the 50's that works on the same principle and it's a real workhorse in my kitchen!

  2. Hi Juliette,

    Sounds like you may need 2 or 3 heads of lettuce for this dinner :).

    I've been adding more meat to mine lately - I can see some nice warm stew meat cut into small pieces on it.

    I've always wanted one of those cheese slicers - good to know that they can stand a lot of use.