Sunday, June 10, 2012

May Crowning (Part 2)

Yikes, I never updated about our domestic May Crowning!

The night before middle dd made some blueberry muffins.  When they got up they found a "crown" of muffins and a Rosary made from raisins and craisins for breakfast.  Dd added the cross. [photos below] We crowned our little humble plastic statue with the detached crown that fits in a little hole and played Marian songs from the computer and a Little Flowers CD .

We later had rice krispie treat crowns and root beer floats.  Here is the recipe I followed for the treats (from their own website) but I used real butter, homemade marshmallows, and organic puffed cereal (next time I will use pure puffed rice ).

I used this recipe for the marshmallows.  Dd did it with me as assistant :).  We completely left out the corn syrup and it was fine.  I don't even have corn syrup in the house and omit it from recipes (unless I need to substitute with honey occasionally).

They made Mary lapbooks.

These are the homemade marshmallows in progress.  Youngest enjoyed slicing them into squares.

Our rice krispie treats did NOT turn out like I expected (I wanted to make crowns but made blobs instead!).  I used store-bought sourdough bread to make the lily sandwiches.

 We used these special cups for our root beer floats as a special vessel.

What's Green?

Organic bug repellant:

What's Cookin'?


If you sign up for Cultures of Health's newsletter you get a free pdf of a Kefir Recipe eBook.  I ran out of time on page 16 (that's my note to self!).  I quit kefir last year (killed it with our move) but am currently on a cultured buttermilk kick.  I plan on substituting buttermilk or yogurt in the recipes:

What's Organizin'?

Check out this ultra-cool calendar/planner!

Here is another one:

I think this would be a good one to log each child's 4-H activities as they do them (as a log, not planner).  Each child's name could be at the top and whatever they do that day in the squares (like made brownies, dog treats).  It could also be used as a Montessori shelf work log for the parent with multiple children or for the child for different areas.

Any proceeds from any affiliate link helps to support our homeschool.

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