Monday, April 23, 2012


What's Cookin'?

Oldest dd made the menu for this week.  It's sooo helpful to have someone else do the thinking!  We are not doing any grocery shopping for this week (except for a few bananas) so it all has to come from what we have.  We planned it Sunday afternoon so I'm starting with Monday (today).  This is true Montessori Practical Life for teenagers :).

~ B: Polenta
~ L: Organic Peanut Butter (and a few chocolate chips sprinkled) on homemade soaked pita bread; apples; pumpkin cake (no icing and only 1/2 the sugar); carrots; last bit of our Amish cheddar cheese.
~ Snack: Cookies (we found homemade cookie dough in the freezer!)
~ D: Homemade soaked pizza.  We only have raw Amish swiss from the freezer and crumbly petacones cheeses so this should be interesting.

~ B: Pumpkin Cake [It's not sweet like a cake but it's delicious - plus it's fun to say that you are eating cake for breakfast :).]
~ L: Organic PBJ on homemade soaked biscuits plus sides
~ S: Homemade chocolate pudding
~ D: Chili  Macaroni and cheese  Bean Soup (found a 15 bean mix in the freezer instead of meat or cheese)

~ B:   Homemade soaked oatmeal muffins
~ L:  (blank for now)
~ S:  Cookies (again??)
~ D: Chicken Pot Pie with easy homemade crust, frozen veggies, home-raised chicken, and homemade cream of mushroom soup I also found in the freezer (saved me the time of making it!)

~ B: (blank for now)
~ L: (also blank)
~ S: Banana Pudding Pie (we had one made with Jello pudding recently and several of us got msg headaches and felt sick... so we want to try one from scratch)
~ D: Chicken Nuggets and something with the potatoes in the fridge (homemade nuggets from home-raised chickens)

~ B: (blank!)
~ L: (blank!)
~ S:  She actually wrote "more cookies!" here but, um, we'll see...
~ D: Tortilla Soup (3rd and last meal from the chicken I'm baking and deboning today)(soup base will be the broth from the same chicken)

Seriously, we do not have sweets every day for afternoon snack as this menu reflects, really!  She's the one with the sweet tooth, can you tell?  If they have a couple of cookies with a nice glass of milk I may just call it a health food :).

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  1. I found a pound of ground pastured pork buried in the freezer. Yeah, 2 more meals! We'll get chili after all and probably spaghetti.