Saturday, April 14, 2012

Melissa and Doug Sales on Amazon

What's Cookin'?

I didn't have time this week to go through real food recipes but there are tons of gottatries on these two:

What's Schoolin'?

A way-too-cool site for teaching poetry.  Click on the tab at left and it opens a template with a sample for that type of poem.

Hands-On English.  We're happy with our Montessori and Winston Grammar, but this looks really interesting.

Here are some Amazon sales I found for Melissa and Doug products.  They have a gazillion more products with many on sale if you want to browse further - click here

I used to be able to find Melissa and Doug products for sale prices at a TJ Maxx before we moved, so you may want to check there also.

Deluxe Latches Board (28% off)

Sticker Collection (66% off)

Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower (22% off)

Magnetic Responsibility Chart (20% off)

Magnetic Dress-up Set (my dc loved these)(25% off)

Wooden Sandwich-Making Set (29% off)

Pizza Party (29% off)

Shape Sorting Cube (24% off)

Deluxe Standing Easel (free shipping)(38% off)

Wooden Birthday Party Cake (26% off)(This was an all-time favorite at our house!)

Wooden Bear Dress-up Puzzle (20% off)

Decorate Your Own Train (66% off)

Decorate Your Own Race Car (67% off)

Pattern Blocks and Boards (22% off)

3 Little Pigs Soft Play Set (28% off)

Magnetic Farm Hide and Seek (34% off)

Triangular Crayons (59% off)

Wooden USA Puzzle (28% off)

See and Spell (22% off)

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