Thursday, April 26, 2012


Dinner tonight!  Baked Chimichangas.  I am obviously not opposed to frying in good fat but we are almost out of every kind I keep so this will be great.  I also happen to have flour tortillas soaking and ready to make; beans in the fridge from yesterday; and about 2 meals of rice left that I can make.  I love it when I have all of the ingredients for a spontaneous meal to come together :).  My adjustments: sunflower oil to just rub on the tortillas (I never use canola); homemade soaked beans; homemade fermented white whole wheat tortillas; crumbled Salvadoran cheese my cousin brought me at her recent visit (Queso Petacones); soaked rice. [update:  very good but time intensive when you include tortillas on the same day.  Now at least I have some tortillas in the freezer for another meal.]

Pumpkin Pancakes (dairy/gluten free):

Banana custard:

Lots of good ideas on their bi-weekly plan:

*Cheesy Vegetable Cups

*Soaked Buttermilk Oatmeal Muffins:

Jello using frozen strawberries:

**Lunch ideas for kids:

Carrot cake pancakes:

Indian Lentils

Soaked Whole Wheat Bagels:

Soaked Blender Waffles:

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