Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs with Food

I know I won't get any photos up before Easter so I wanted to throw out this quick post.  I've been experimenting this week with coloring eggs using foods I have around the house.

My personal favorite:  Tumeric - it made a rich yellow color

My least successful:  Blueberries - they didn't work at all so then I tried adding red onion skins... then I found a few drops of blue India Tree blue and squirted that in.  They ended up a light pretty blue-green.

Others I tried:
-Hibiscus leaves (my cousin sent me a pack from El Salvador for tea and I used a few handfuls since it makes such a gorgeous tea) - the eggs ended up sort of blue-ish/gray-ish.
-Paprika (okay; they look sort of like regular farm eggs)

I just added the food/spice into the cooking water, let it boil with the eggs for 5 minutes, let it cool completely before taking out the eggs.  However, a few times it was late and I was tired so I stuck the whole pot in the fridge to give the eggs more time and me some rest.

The dc and I had fun coming up with ideas and seeing what would work or not.  I think beets would have worked MUCH better than the hibiscus but, although I had planned on getting some anyway since beet kvass is a very healing tonic, I didn't have any on-hand and was making a point to only try what was only already in the house.  We'll have to try it for fun whenever I DO get some beets.

Happy Easter!!

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