Friday, April 20, 2012

2 Natural Giveaways ~ Speech: Super Duper Publications Sale

What's Green?

~ Here is a giveaway for MadeOn skin care. There is a great list of natural bloggers at this giveaway site also.  I already subscribe to some of them and got this link from

~ Speaking of green giveaways... Kelly has this AWESOME giveaway for a garden hose filter ($39.95 value).  Funny how I can get sooo excited for a garden hose filter and a new dress might get a shrug from me (actually, I could really use that too, lol).

~ One more green item that's on my mind:  Lipstick!  I cannot tell you (although I probably will in another post!) how loooong I have looked for lipstick without titanium dioxide, among other things, without avail.  I have been using Burt's Bees but really wanted something healthier and didn't really like the color I got.  Enter Cowgirl Dirt.  I ordered one stick and 3 samples.  I love every single color:  how it looks, how it feels, how long it lasts, and the ingredients.  On the main lipstick page it does say that they may contain iron oxide/zinc oxide (if I remember right) so I need to ask them more specifics - but it's still better than what I've been using.  Oh, and it doesn't cost $15-$20 per stick either like other naturals (all of which contain titanium dioxide that I've seen) with a high shipping cost.  It's just over $10.99/stick and the shipping was less than $3.  Samples are $0.99.

What's Schoolin'?

My youngest had articulation issues.  When the speech pathologist tested her I then had target sounds.  I went online and found images to match words with those targets and made little picture card sets.  Those became Montessori shelf works for her to go through with me and practice.  It was still teacher-directed in the sense that I said the word deliberately first and she repeated but it was low-key, always available, just part of our day, and she had choices. I carefully watched her to see if we needed to have sessions but she progressed once we had those targets.

We also did activities/games from Super Duper publications.  I got their literature-based book and used some freebies from their site.  I didn't use the book as much as I thought I would but that was me, not the book - I thought the book was great :).  They always have free shipping.  They have a sale right now for some items 50% off.  Look for 'overstock - 50% off' on the left tool bar. The book I had gotten is the last one listed on sale [Year-Round Literature for Language and Artic Book] :).

There are many Super Duper products on Amazon here where you might find some used products.  Some may be cheaper at the site so it's always good to comparison shop.

Super Duper Publications items on Amazon

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