Monday, May 12, 2014

Desert Biome ~ Salt Dough Landscape

What's Schoolin'?

Youngest is studying the desert right now [and then we'll do desert/Southwest Indians].  She is making a salt dough landscape as I type.  We used the basic 2 C flour; 2 C salt; 1 C water salt dough recipe.  We are using the lid from a shoe box and we'll use the bottom part of the box to make a diorama of desert life. [Update, we chose to skip the diorama because life got busy - she only got a cactus done...]

She used the cards from her Notebooking pocket to see which to do and how they look.  I just found some images of real photos to match each desert land form and made cards.  The land form definition cards are from Deserts (Hands-on science series).  They are: arroyo, playa, canyon, alluvial fan, butte, oasis, mesa, and dune.  These are all included in her salt dough landscape.

Here are some pictures [yes, I actually took and even uploaded pictures!]:

You can see pictures of my olders' imaginary island salt dough maps at this old post.

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