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Desert Biome ~ Resources

What's Schoolin'?

As we finish up our desert study and head into Southwest Indian tribes I wanted to separate out the desert resources from this comprehensive biome post for easier access.  Below is a cut/paste from that post with a few edits.

Here is a conglomeration of resources for Biomes Studies.  My plan is to just go through the different biomes using websites/resources listed here and library books.  There are so many wonderful books.  I will just post a few here [Note: this post contains affiliate links to books below].  I have a world biome pin map already in the geography cabinet and some cards. We also made a Biome Globe by painting over our homemade Land/Water Globe.

I think a lapbook for each that includes plants, wildlife (flora/fauna), geographical location, and climate description would be good.  I already have one for grasslands printed from In the Hands of a Child and desert animals from homeschoolshare.

General Resources (or may have several biomes)(Desert specific links below)

About half-way are the areas of study for within each biome as recommended in this Montessori Geography scope and sequence:

Intro educational video:

Interactive World Biome map.  Use for each biome.

Nice graph showing how temp/rain affects the biomes located in those regions:

This is a great interactive resource for each biome:

This has pages for each biome:

I *think* this is the one I used for my biome pin map.  I like the clear delineations and bright colors.  It would be a good guide for painting salt maps.

Interactive World Biome map (can use for each biome):

This has World maps showing specific biome locations (great to use to color in a world map for each biome study):

Enchanted Learning desert page.  You can link to each biome from here.  Some are free and some are not.

This takes you to short information, maps, and a few links for each biome:

Waseca has gorgeous materials. They sure are inspirational!

At the end of this Waseca document are cards - sort of Who Am I? cards that could be made into a self-correcting game/review of biomes:

Ranger Rick online:

Putting 'biome' in the search bar at homeschoolshare brings up several hits:

Photos for each biome:

The 'next' page has a really good comparison graph showing the different biomes.  It also has good summaries for each biome:


Very comprehensive, informative, interactive site:

Lots of videos:

Here you can create a presentation using photos.  You could also use these to make cards (the photos are creative commons)(I just double-checked this and it is now a subscription site.  I'm leaving the link in case it goes free again or anyone would like to access it).

Interactive information website:

Free desert animals lapbook:

Summary of deserts:

[This post has book affiliate links]

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