Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Robinson Crusoe

What's Schoolin'?

You would think that this well-known story would be a book for maybe middle schoolers, or even late elementary school readers.  It's actually part of our high school reading (British Lit strand). 

Before reading Defoe's book we read about the 'real' Robinson Crusoe upon which the book was based.  It is called Marooned and our library had it.  Marooned is a very short read but adds the background for appreciating Robinson Crusoe.

After reading the book we plan on watching a movie.  The problem is that I'm not sure which movie to watch!  Our library does not have any movies but I found several on Amazon for Instant Video.  I usually lean toward older movie versions in hopes that they'll have less objectionable content.  If you've seen a good Crusoe movie version, please let me know.

Here are some resources for teaching Robinson Crusoe.

This is a chapter by chapter reading lesson:
Core Knowledge Lesson Link

This looks really awesome:

We are actually using this for our spine of British Lit.  Mainly we are just reading the books and will discuss RCrusoe with possibly an essay.

This is the Marooned book that we read:

This is the version of the Robinson Crusoe book by Defoe that we read (although I have really like Dover Thrift editions of other classics and I see that there is one for R.Crusoe).

These are the movies to choose from for after the book:

This may be a must-see: A remake with Dick Van Dyke:

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