Saturday, October 27, 2012

Texas Economic Geography

What's Schoolin'?

I've uploaded the cards that dd-10 is using for her big Texas felt map.  The cards are a little big  because her map is big, so if you want the open office file to readjust the sizes let me know.  You may need to copy/paste this url in your browser:   

I used the Stories in Time Intermediate Atlas (by Harcourt Brace) as my guide and control.  I copied the appropriate page on cardstock and trimmed it.  Then I taped the control on the outside of a brown envelope and put the cards (also printed on cardstock) inside the brown envelope.  This is kept in her Texas box on top of the geography cabinet.

I found this other atlas online and from the preview it appears to have comprehensive state by state economic geography maps within the political maps:
National Geographic Kids United States Atlas

I hope this file helps you in your study of Texas or inspires you to study economic geography of your state.

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