Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This first one isn't a recipe, but rather a source for 100% beeswax candles.  I've been wanting some for some time.  Not only are these less expensive than others, you will support the Sisters in their monastic life with your purchase.

Fish Head Broth (fish keep calling my name.  I've wanted to make fish stock for quite some time!)

Peanut Butter Balls (with some ConcenTrace slipped in)

**Apple Raisin Pancakes.  These are baked, no sugar.  I'll need to triple the batch [grate 3 apples, squeeze out juice, add 6 eggs, 2 handfuls of raisins or craisins, 6 tablespoons almond flour (or 3 big spoonfuls of almond butter), dash of salt.  Blob on parchment paper, bake at 350 on one side, flip and 6 on the other side][eat with yogurt or sour cream]

**Pancake Apples.  Apples dipped in pancake batter and cooked on the griddle.  Wow.  I might use our regular pancake batter or adjust hers to soak the oat flour in the milk overnight...

Komucha Jello Jigglers (could try with beet kvass, maybe?):

Pumpkin snickerdoodles:

Orzo vegetable casserole (I would use all broth instead of broth/water if I have it - like the 5 quarts in my fridge right now!):

Homemade mouthwash (dental health is important and an area I tend to neglect - this has health properties):

These remind me of our family favorite truffle recipe but it's pulsed in a food processor and has dates and almond flour:

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