Thursday, October 11, 2012

General Geography Montessori-ish Works

What's Schoolin'?

I recently pulled out all of our 'general geography' shelf works to re-present them and hopefully re-inspire my dc to use them.  I set them all out on the school table (but had to pick them up later since dh uses the same table at night for his computer).  The olders walked by a few times and exclaimed things like, "Oh!  I remember that!" before we had shelf work time.  There are a few items even the olders haven't used yet.

From left to right; back to front:
~ Latitude/Longitude work
~ World Biome pin map
~ Control cardstock map for Major Rivers of the World
(middle envelopes and stacks)
~ Geography Vocabulary cards
~ Biome sorting cards
~ Ocean 4-part cards
~ Control cardstock for Deserts of the World
(front row)
~ World Felt Map activities (white box)
~ A dd's Geography notebook that had 'disappeared' and I found when taking it all out of the cabinet :)
~ Pangea maps for them to cut/paste in Geography notebooks
~ Plate Tectonics work
~ Control cardstock for Major Mountain Ranges of the World

... now I need to set them back up for a day or so!  Time, time, elusive time!  It will probably have to wait until after olders' PSAT coming up way too quickly...

Here is a cool geology site I just found.  They also have country maps:

This picture glossary of Geography from A to Z is a neat book and may be available in your local library:

 Middle dd prefers to use this Trail Guide to World Geography curriculum:

I had this in my classroom many eons ago:

There are wonderful activities for a wide range of ages in VanCleave's Geography book:

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