Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chicken Sandwich Spread

What's Cookin'?

Chicken!  There is a new Fran's Fryers co-op in our area so I got a few.  Yesterday I cooked 2 pounds of dark meat; 5 pounds of legs with thighs; and 3 pounds of breast tenders.  I still had some cooked thighs from when Albertson had Sanderson chicken on sale (I got a family pack that lasted for several meals).  We used 2 or 3 of those thighs to make 2 chicken pot pies and we ate from the Fran's Fryers legs with thighs for dinner (with rice and apple crisp).  Now I have this great cooked chicken in the refrigerator ready to divide and freeze (and 2 pot pies!).

Chicken Tenders:  I originally got this thinking of chicken on lettuce for my lunches (think homemade "Wendy's" salads).  However, once it was cooked and loosely shredded I started seeing chicken nuggets, chicken salad, chicken sandwich spread, chicken sandwiches... and my original idea.  By the way, I covered this baking dish so they wouldn't dry out and they cooked great even though they were just piled in on top of each other.

What to have for lunch today?  Hmm... Today we'll have a simple chicken sandwich spread.  Yes, I have posted about this before; however, it seems to be different each time I make it and is evolving into one of my favorite "throw in whatever you have" recipes.  Put the following in a mini-chopper or food processor (or add in anything else that you have on hand or fancy):

1 C cooked chicken
2 teaspoons mayonnaise (yogurt would also work)
1/8 tsp Real Salt (or other UNrefined salt)
1/2 celery rib
1 small apple
any other spices that you like

Give it a whir to desired consistency and use it as a spread on sprouted, soaked, or sourdough bread of your choice.

This is enough for 4 of us to have a sandwich for lunch.

This 'recipe' is so versatile that it's hardly a recipe :).  You could even toss in some cooked beans or rice to stretch the chicken.

Before I clean out the food processor I might as well make a batch of chicken nuggets, using a mix of the tenders and the dark meat, maybe?...

School Lunch Ideas:

Look at these mouth-watering lunch ideas.  They make me hungry even though I'm stuffed with our chicken sandwich spread!

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