Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Ending

We have really been enjoying Robert Elmer's book series called: Adventures Down Under. They are absolutely awesome. He's such a good writer that many nights I would groan at the end of that night's read-aloud when we had to stop and yell "Argh! I can't stand it!" The chapters always end making you want to read more!

HOWEVER, we weren't completely pleased with the ending of the last book of the series (sorry Mr. Elmer!!). So the Writing Challenge I've given to my olders is to either write a different last chapter or an additional chapter. Their chapter should have closure and answer some of the questions that we were asking after we finished reading it (we all errupted when the last sentence was read!). I'll be writing one also :). Maybe I'll post them after we finish.

Here is a link to his website. This particular series is OOP, what a shame - it is truly an excellent series (scroll down):

BTW, the AstroKids series is another excellent series by the same author. A great way to introduce the genre of Science Fiction. I usually laugh outloud in at least one place in those books. Unfortunately our library only has the first 4 in the series. We would LOVE to read the others. Youngest dd is reading one that we found at a used book store right now.

I look forward to The Young Underground series and others from this author. Really, I can't recommend Robert Elmer enough.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bamboo! I'm so glad you and your friends have enjoyed the adventures, but of course there are a lot more to come! Check out the "Promise of Zion" books, which have a connection to the "Young Underground." Also "The Wall" series and the newer "Shadowside" series, as well as the fun "Hyperlinkz" books. Oh, and I would love to read some of the Writing Challenge chapters, if you post them. Keep reading... and writing! -Robert Elmer

  2. Mr. Elmer,

    Thanks so much for your comment!! We look forward to reading all of your books. I guess we are now officially your 'groupies' :).