Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dairy Field Trips

Dc and I went with a friend to milk another friend's goat yesterday :). They (and I) really enjoyed it! I'm so glad she invited us along. They also gathered eggs. There were some extra which I cooked for breakfast. I LOVE fresh eggs from a place I can trust. I plan on making some mayonnaise also while I have some of these.

Today we took another milk-related field trip. We all went to a local dairy. We got to pet some of the goats and cows. I was having so much fun looking through the front store and visiting with the owner - I felt like a kid in a candy store! I got some goat cheese, some goat soap, some organic sweet potatoes (3 lbs), oranges (that look like 'real' oranges, KWIM? Ugly by GMO standards, beautiful by real food standards!), dried fruit (with no perservatives), a vanilla bean for a friend, a small bag of salad mix, and five small pumpkins for cooking. Oh yes, and a bag of cookies for the sweet teeth in the family. I can't wait to go back!

I told the sweet lady that it is good for the soul to know that people still live like they do! Truly. I may not be able to live that life but I am SO glad that they are able to do that. What a blessing they are to others. Dh talked to the husband for a long time and seemed to really be enjoying himself as well.

We had such a great family day that we didn't even really notice that it was Halloween. When we got home the dc watched some TV and middle dd popped some popcorn (in coconut oil). Then dinner and on with our regular routine. Tomorrow we'll celebrate All Saints Day. I'll be searching for a special dessert to make, they'll dress up and we have to guess who they are, make 'spoon saints' (or rather popsicle stick saints) and do a word search and crossword I found at Not very extravagant but something to celebrate this special day and honor these wonderful role models who lived for and gave their lives up for Jesus.

What's Cookin'?

- Last night I finally made the eggrolls. They were very good.

- I'm draining some more yogurt for whey/cream cheese (D., this picture is for you!). Directions are in a previous post here:

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