Friday, October 9, 2009

Lyme Disease

If you or anyone you know is chronically ill and you can't figure out why, or if you just think your getting 'old' with achiness and joint pain and scattered attention, or you're having 'weird' symptoms that doctors don't understand; PLEASE check out this link and look at the symptoms checklist.

It took me a year and a half to get diagnosed with Lyme Disease. That felt like forever and gave it time to spread rampantly but I was very fortunate - for some people it takes many more years and countless rounds with doctors before they are finally diagnosed. I was never in a wheel chair nor did I get Bell's Palsey but it did infect all of my major organs including eyes, bladder, heart, and brain (plus the classic joint infection symptoms). These treatments and guidelines were written by a renown doctor in the field of Lyme Disease. This packet can be printed and taken to your doctor. It has the names of antibiotics and dosages for adults and children. There is also an excellent section of 'supportive therapy' and 'nutritional supplements' on page 27-31. [I'm not doing so well on the mandated sleep! I was up storm watching last night (under tornado watch and youngest dd woke up scared) so I predict a fibro flare-up today (sigh). I'm not doing well on the exercise either!] I am on the other side now, thankfully (!), but still need to overcome some effects of lyme such as adrenal fatigue, lowered immune system, and regain stamina. Some things may never go away such as fibro flare-ups but I have hope that they will.

Here is an excellent article regarding research linking lyme with Alzheimer's. I'm only a fourth of the way through but it's a fascinating read:

One red flag regarding Lyme is if you have flu-like symptoms in the summer or off-season for flu. It can be dormant for years and an incident that lowers your immune system can trigger it (trauma, pregnancy, illness, etc). Of course, with the swine flu going around even during the summer this year it gets a bit cloudy.

Be well!


  1. My dd had a good case of lymes and didn't improve. She showed the symptoms for almost 3 years! She had skin and muscle pain and my very active girl wouldn't even play! Then, I tried the natural route and she improved immediately. We used paragone for kids and a sugar-free diet recommended on the package. If you would like you can email me and I could tell you baby needs me right now...
    I remember you fromthe Montessori lists and I am glad you are blogging!!
    child of mary 2002 at yahoo (dot) com

  2. Thanks, Donna Marie!

    I'm so glad that she showed improvement. I haven't heard of that product and I'm really glad that you shared that info. I'll look into it and will get with you offlist.