Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Easy, Easy, Easy Fermented Flavored Lemonade

What's Cookin'?

This is embarrassingly easy, but I'll post it anyway :).  We don't drink juice very often but after playing tennis in the summer heat this drink is both refreshing for the kids AND probiotic.  It also has less sugar than it would without the lacto-fermentation because the good guys feed off of the sugar in the original drink.  Organic Santa Cruz lemonades have been on sale lately, so that's what we've been using.

Step 1: Strain plain yogurt with live bacteria to get whey to use in the lacto-fermentation process.  I get a single serving size of yogurt and it only takes a few hours.  Save the collected yogurt - you've made cream cheese!  We like to salt it and spread it on crackers.

Step 2: Pour the strained whey into the bottle of lemonade.  Shake.  Let it sit overnight.  Refrigerate.

Step 3:  Enjoy!

In our normal lives I use this recipe using fresh squeezed lemon juice, filtered water, Unrefined cane sugar (rapadura, turbinado, etc), and whey.  Right now we are not living at home so this is a simple, easy alternative.  Also great for someone starting out with lactofermentation!

Another Note:
If possible, I recommend using an organic yogurt or one stating that it doesn't have any rbST hormone in it.  Also, whole fat doesn't have the unlisted thickeners that low- and non-fat versions do.  That said, sometimes I stare at the yogurt aisle trying to pick the lesser of bad choices! I miss our homemade yogurt :).

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